We enthusiastically disrupt the status quo by creating sustainable processes to make natural actives affordable to all.

Our solutions have the potential to...

...protect primary forests the size of 150,000 soccer fields.

...reduce the raw material costs of a long-established well-loved Asian food category by more than US$ 600 million annually.

...increase arable land productivity by more than 400%.

...create fairer compensation by creating a direct link between farmers and producers.

...increase the specific activity of an industry workhorse active ingredient by more than 700%, at a fraction of the cost.

Our EarthNatural™ approach creates Platform Technologies

Food, cosmetic and biosciences work together to create novel and sustainable processes from abundantly available or scalable agri materials for solutions that satisfy current consumer demands, needs and desires and create entirely new products for new markets

Watch this space for updates regarding our latests products.

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    28³® (28Cubed)

    A skincare brand powered by the patented Po3™ active ingredients invented by NamZ, 28³® inspires you to define your own standard of beauty