About Us

We push the boundaries of innovation by using a balance of science and nature to create innovative food, beverage, and personal care products.

Our unique solutions are designed to be impactful, ethical, sustainable, and scalable. We deliver these solutions by thinking out of the box and leveraging on our years of experience and expertise.

Our Stance

Be Real
Address real, unmet consumer needs through our solutions

Challenge Ourselves
Relentlessly pursue identifying the real core of the challenge, because we know that innovation is hard work

Create Impact
Ensure all our solutions have tangible impacts on the planet, consumers, and producers

We believe in disrupting.

We believe in impact.

We believe in sustainability.



As a team, we are driven by our passion and desire to change conventional thinking and to find innovative solutions to global consumer challenges.

However, what's most crucial is our ability to choose projects that fit our beliefs and principles.

It starts with nature.
We then take things into the lab.
Perform scalability testing.
And on to retail.

Our Story

NamZ co-founders Chris & Peter met over onions

Conceptualising NamZ in 2013, we launched in an empty lab space on Jan 2, 2014

2 of us started with 15 EarthNatural ideas

Our first EarthNatural patent filed

We launched our first strategic collaboration with an MNC

Two more Earthnatural Platform patents filed

A team of 9 Enthusiasts turned 3 ideas into stand alone platform technologies

Three subsidiaries

First overseas company established

First factory created

Total of 16 NamZers

Join us in creating a bigger impact on environmental sustainability.